Fall is Here... Ombre Leaf DIY!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Happy Labor Day and Happy Fall everyone!  

I know that the season doesn't officially begin until September 22... but, it is September and it is after Labor Day, so let's just pretend. ;)

In honor of the end of summer, I brought up my bin of fall decor from the basement and made my first fall craft today.  Most importantly, I did all of this while burning my all-time favorite Yankee Candle "Autumn Leaves."  Mmmmm.  

If only there were autumn carols to sing while doing all of this, and I would truly be in my element. 

I've had some ideas floating around about fall crafts for a while now, and I knew I wanted to make something with an ombre leaf pattern.  You all know how I like a good not-country wreath (check some out Here and Here), so I just went with it.  :)

12 inch foam wreath base
2 bags faux leaves (the more colorful, the better!)
Hot glue gun

Tutorial goes like this: arrange 2 bags of faux leaves into color piles and then hot glue your heart out.  

I didn't bother to cover the back 1/3 of the foam wreath because it won't show.  If you are super perfectionist, then by all means go right ahead! 

Ta-da!  Finished product adds a nice little autumn spirit to our front room.  

(Can you tell where the dogs perch on the couch and watch out the window??)

Sorry for the low quality photos- it was rainy all day and the light wasn't great...

Total Cost- $6 (all supplies were on sale at JoAnn's; 12 inch foam wreath base $4, faux leaf bags $1 each)  Can't beat it! 

As usual, I can already think of a dozen other ways to use this ombre-leaf idea...on a canvas, inside a vase, along a mantel... Have fun with it! 

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