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Tuesday, May 7, 2013
 I've found myself narrating my own life in my head lately... Not in a I think I'm going crazy way, but in a I'm reading too many blogs and now I'm thinking like I have one way.  So, why not start one?  

Reading the trials, tear-jerkers, and (too often) hilarious stories of other moms who are just trying to do their best has helped me navigate the first 9 months of motherhood...and the previous 9 months of pregnancy.  Now I'm happy to share my own of life as a wife, mom, homeowner, cook, crafter and fluffy-dog-owner.  

Full Disclosure: I had to google "how to start a blog," and I'm writing this first post with a Corona in-hand...

On a motherly note, today was my sweet daughter's 9 month birthday!  

Monthly stickers from Picky Sticky. Best baby shower gift. Ever. 

Yes, in both photos the hair accessory is in her hand.  Love my Lulu.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm new around here too. Been following tons of blogs forever, but recently started my own. Where in Massachusetts are you? I'm on Martha's Vineyard!

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for reading and posting the first comment! I am curious to know how you found me- now the pressure is on to really begin posting! We live in Shrewsbury in Central MA. Will keep an eye on your new blog... Maybe we can find a way to collaborate as newbies in the future! Xo

  2. From a daily read blog of mine that you commented on. I just can't remember which one it was... And that's cool we're kinda close! I haven't been blogging for a little while, but I'll be back soon. I'll follow you as well. :)

  3. hey! I just stumbled upon your blog, I am just as new to this world as you are! Welcome! A dor a ble baby girl!

    Jennifer @


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