The Day I was Outsmarted by a One-Year-Old

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Lu has a favorite lovie, a zebra that we have nicknamed Zeebie.  

She sleeps with Zeebie over her face and carries him around the house after her naps.  So stinking cute. 

She loved Zeebie even before she could carry him! :)

I also had a favorite stuffed animal as a child, and my parents lived with a constant fear that it would be lost or destroyed.  So in an effort to avoid that type of disaster, I went out a few weeks ago and bought a Zeebie look-alike.  When Lu has one, the other gets washed.  

Genius, right? 

This morning Lu scooted into the laundry room and found the spare.  Shit. 

She spent the rest of the morning in double-fisted-lovie-bliss.  

Is it bad that I am already trying to trick my child?... Or worse that she can already outsmart me?  

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