DIY Birthday Crown

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Today's DIY project is one that I forgot to share last month in the midst of Lu's first birthday.  Adapt for any number! :)

For Lu's first birthday I knew I wanted a cute headpiece- one that would be seen in her smash cake photos and she could wear again on her actual birthday.  I had seen a few variations of crowns on etsy and decided to make my own.  

The total cost of supplies was about $3 and it took 5 minutes to make.  Not bad! :)

Felt (8x10 sheet from a craft store, or scraps if you have some already!)
Headband (Dollar zone at Target)
Ribbon/Fabric/Felt scrap for #1
Hot glue gun

First, I cut a strip 3 inches wide from a sheet of pink felt I had left from another project.   Next, fold the felt in half lengthwise and cut a chevron edge along the two open edges. 

 Here is what it looks like if you unfold it. 

Bring the two ends of your still-folded strip together and secure in place with hot glue.  I also glued the points of the crown together inside- this is up to you.  

Cut a number for the birthday girl/boy out of a contrasting color ribbon or fabric scrap and glue on the front of the crown.  

I also added adhesive rhinestones to mine- do what you like to personalize!  

Last step- use the glue gun to secure the crown to your headband at an angle that you like.  So easy, cheap, and adorable!  

Even cute when the smile begins to wear off toward the end of the party... :)

You can see the details of Lu's first birthday party Here and other DIY birthday ideas Here.

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