First Birthday DIY wreath

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
The first DIY decoration I made for the little one's first birthday party was a wreath for our front door.  Aside from the mandatory balloons on the mailbox, a door decoration is the first glimpse of a party- better make it good! :)

I did some searching for inspiration on Pinterest, saw some cute ideas, but decided in the end I'd like something that I would be able to use later in the year either in her room or the playroom... Here is what I made! 


MDF floral wreath base
Hot glue gun
Large faux flowers (to match your color scheme)
Large monogram letter
"Happy Birthday" scrapbook sticker set

This is as basic (and inexpensive!) as the rest of my DIY projects- I promise! 

Start by wrapping your ribbon around the wreath base.  I planned to use 3 large faux flowers so I only wrapped 2/3 of the wreath.  Use a dab of hot glue to attach the ends of your ribbon to the base.  Attach the flowers using hot glue in an arrangement that you like. 

The glitter letter 'L' that I found at my local craft store was pre-drilled with a hole.  I used the hole to string a second piece of ribbon and tied it to the wreath.  Here is what it looked like as a simple monogram wreath:

Now, to birthday-ify the wreath, add some adhesive scrapbook stickers.  The adhesive is not permanent, so I plan to remove them after the birthday week and hang the plain monogram version on the door to Lu's room.  

You could change it up with a new hanging number each year instead of a monogram.  Hope this inspires you! 

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  1. Cute! I love the big flowers!

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