New Year, New Blog Goal, and a Spot of Tea

Friday, January 31, 2014
I had no intention of going blog-radio-silent. 

Since my last post I found myself in a life whirlwind of surprise party, vacation, holidays holidays holidays, dead phone, and sick baby.  

Nothing like using (and actually having) every excuse in the book, right? 

I have also been playing a part in a lot of Cinderella tea parties and it has been just lovely.  

In all honesty, the unexpected break allowed me to take a step back from not only my blog, but looking at other blogs as well.  

As a new blogger, I think it is important to have a sense of what is trending on other blogs.  But after getting sucked into the blackhole of Pinterest and Bloglovin, I can sometimes find myself one link away from feeling less inspired.  

My goal for is for this blog to be an honest representation of my life at home.  I want to share my inspired creative moments with you.  But I also want to share the not-picture-perfect-no-makeup-frazeled-mommy moments too.  I know my house doesn't look like a styled photoshoot (nor will it ever) and I'm okay with that.  Similarly, there is no need to aspire to a styled photoshoot blog life.  This blog is real life at home.  

In honor of this blogger revelation, I gave the blog a quick new year touch-up.  If you like the new classic design check out Nudge Media Design on Etsy.  

Thanks for reading- it should be a fun year!

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