Friday Favorites- Baby with a Cold Edition

Friday, September 13, 2013
Happy Friday! 

Lu is finally coming out the other end of a cold (hopefully the first and last of the season!) so this week's favorites are the things that got us through this week being (mostly) stuck in the house.  

Fav New Toy: LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

I put away a lot of the new toys Lu got last month at her birthday party because I wanted to spread out the excitement.  About once a week I pull out something new and it is a nice change to her playtime routine (for both of us!).  

This LeapFrog Picnic set is a huge hit with Lu.  She is starting to use pretend play so it is absolutely adorable watching her 'eat' with the fork...or maybe just eat the fork itself?  Same idea!  

The basket sings songs which she enjoys now, and it also and asks you to "find a square" (ie. plastic sandwich), which will be fun later.  Any toy that will still be age-appropriate in another year is a hit with me too! :)

Favorite Fresh Pick of the Season: Apples and Pears

My in-laws basically have a mini-orchard with a variety of fruit trees, and we were the lucky recipients of apples and pears on Sunday.  Homegrown goodness!  

Then the realization set in that I had to do something with a boatload of fresh fruit...

Apparently Lu wanted me to get on the homemade applesauce ASAP because she started unloading behind my back.  Sneaky monkey.

I'll be sharing some easy recipes next week so you'll know what to do with a boatload of fresh apples and pears, too! 

Mom-with-a-sick-kid Favorite: Harpoon Fall Tailgater Variety Pack

Is it wrong that I took my barefoot and sweaty child to the liquor store?  

While the husband was at the Pats game last night, I had this lovely Harpoon Octoberfest (with a side of DVR'd Bravo shows).  

Happy Mommy! :)

And happy weekend to you! 

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