Festive Fourth Wreath

Monday, June 17, 2013
Happy Monday!  

This weekend was our first official Father's Day in the Sparrow home! 

You can see our little one took it very seriously...

...and couldn't contain her excitement about spending the day with Daddy! 

I have loved watching the daddy-daughter moments over the last 10 months.  Makes my heart so full! 

Now for the regular weekly craft! :)

I have a super easy DIY wreath project to move you from Father's Day to the next holiday- July 4th!  I promise it is not only easy, but quick and cheap too.  

I saw this festive bunch of stars & stripes faux flowers on my last trip to Michael's (any big craft store should have something similar) for only $3.99...coupon on the Michael's iphone app (download it right now!) dropped the price to $2.00.  Fake flowers aren't really my style, but I knew I'd get inspired so I threw it in the cart.  

Then we passed the aisle with wreath bases and- aha moment!- I spotted this 12-inch floral wreath ring for $2.29.   That brings our total cost to under $5.00! 

So here is your fast & easy tutorial...

Plug in your trusty hot glue gun (told you this was easy).  While you wait for it to heat up, pull the flowers off the plastic stems and decide on your color arrangement.  I wanted alternating red white & blue...original, I know.  Now, put glue around one of the holes.  Stick in the flower and press firmly in place for about 10 seconds to let the glue set. 

 Repeat for each hole/flower.  I initially wanted the wreath to hang from a ribbon, and strung some leftover ribbon in the last hole... I didn't love the way it looked, so I left the ribbon (for pretty bow effect) in place but added the last flower.  Do what looks good to you!  

Hang in place and admire your handiwork- it's finished!  

You could easily paint the base, but I kept the natural color for contrast... And let's be honest, that would double the time for this project!  :) 


  1. Super cute daughter and super cute wreath!!! I'm going to go look for those flowers this week!!!


    1. Thanks, Cait! I'd love to hear if you make a wreath too or think of another fun & festive use for these flowers! :)


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