Couch Facelift

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Or this post could easily be titled "why I should make new pillow covers every 3 months."  Honestly, I should, because it makes the room feel so fresh.  

Here is a look at my family room pillows for the last few years (ie. forever).   I like the mix of prints, but the golden paisley?  I'm over it. 

Remember when I scored some fabric sample squares on clearance at Joann's? Some of them were finally put to good use and I threw together some new pillow covers.  I had also found a geometric-tribal-esque print on clearance for $6 per yard.  I spent a total of $18 on fabric (and I didn't even use all of it!) and here is the before and after update:

I love using two complimentary fabrics for the two sides of a pillow because then you can flip it over for an easy change. 

Chenille chevron regularly $57 per yard... Muuuuch better than gold paisley. :)

Not surprisingly, the little one was eager to be in my 'after' shot.  

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