Friday Favorites- First Birthday Edition

Friday, August 9, 2013
Happy Friday!

I cannot believe how quickly this week flew by- between pre/post/actual day birthday celebrations it has been a busy one!  But, busy can still include time for a little fun in the sun! 

Probably not a shocker that this week's favorites revolve around our beautiful baby's first birthday.  (Can I even call her a baby anymore?!)  Hope this shows how every last detail of this special week with Lu is being savored. :)

Favorite New Tradition:  The Birthday Book

You can find many variations on this idea on Pinterest and Etsy.  I knew I wanted one that wasn't too daunting (like her unfinished baby book...) that would be an easy way to take a snapshot of her at every age.  So I made my own using a blank journal I'd picked up while pregnant (that pregnancy diary idea? didn't happen.) and printed out the same fill-in-the-blank statements for 18 years to come.  Then I cut and pasted into the journal and Lu now has a birthday book!  Sure it could look more polished as a full-size scrapbook, but if I didn't put it together right.this.minute. it wouldn't happen.  Who's with me??

Here are the pages before I filled them in and added her invitation and a photo.   

Favorite Birthday Food:  Sprinkle Pancakes!

I might be starting another tradition here too.  ;)  For Lu's birthday breakfast I made sprinkle pancakes- so colorful and festive!  As always, she had no problem mowing fact, she basically spent the rest of the day eating.  

Loved every bite! 

Favorite DIY Birthday Nostalgia:

You know those monthly stickers that we all have and LOVE?  I used my monthly pictures to put together a big collage for the first birthday party.  

We've left it up all week because it is so amazing (heartwrenching/exciting) to look at how much Lu has changed over the last year.  Simple supplies: cardboard box tops, wrapping paper, ribbon, clothes pins, and photos.  

And a naked helper...

Do it- it is so much better than flipping through the photos on your iPhone screen. :)

And let's just finish with this- the day Lu becomes a toddler and she rips the sticker off... Here we go! 

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