Friday Favorites- Girls Day in the Ci-Tay Edition

Friday, August 23, 2013
That's right, mama was out on the town earlier this week! :)  I spent a day with two amazing girlfriends in NYC, and practically everything about the day was perfect, so this week's favorite things are coming to you courtesy of the big apple.

Fav #1: behind-the-scenes TV experience

This was totally new to me- I've never been on the set of a tv show taping before.  We managed to get tickets to the VERY FIRST (!!!) taping of Bethenny Frankel's new talk show bethenny.  I can't say anything about the show, or the set, but I can say that it was eye-opening to see what goes on behind the camera.  I had no idea how many many many people would be running around on set!  Truly choreographed chaos. 

Here we are after the show outside the CBS Broadcast Center. 

You can get tickets too (they are free!) if you go Here.

Fav #2: Tuna Tartar Tacos at Stone Rose Lounge

I love raw tuna, but I love mexican food even more... why hadn't I thought of this?  

Yup, even more delicious than they look. 

The sangria and the view weren't bad either...

Fav #3: Baby in a beer tub

When mommy is away, the baby will play... in a beer party tub?

My wonderful husband worked from home and watched Lu while I was gone for the day.  Why bother setting up the blow-up baby pool when you have a beer party tub?  His thoughts exactly.  

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