Baby (and a lot of stuff) on Board

Monday, August 19, 2013
Two things baby-related happened in our car this weekend.  (Seriously, this just turned into a themed post without any effort!)

First, I changed over our baby car kit to better fit Lu's bigger clothing size and the impending cool weather.  

Baby car kit??  When Lu was an infant I had a fear of multiple diaper explosions happening while running errands, so I repeatedly stashed spare diapers and clothes in different spots in the car.  So not practical.  I got the Diono car organizer which has worked great to keep the baby stuff better contained in the car.  I can also switch it between cars in 3.2 seconds.  

Here is a look at what I keep in the car for our little one:

1 set clothes
1 hooded sweater
2 diapers
Travel-size pack of wipes
1/2 travel-size first aid kit (the other half is in the diaper bag)
Travel size boogie wipes, sunscreen, butt paste
1 new book
1 old favorite book
1 Snack bar (longtime fav is Ella's Kitchen)

All of this fits neatly into the Diono organizer.  

Much better than squirreling away stuff in the glove compartment! 

I also keep a plastic grocery bag and changing pad in the back of the car for emergency in-car diaper changes.  Because you never know...

Second car-related thing, we decided to turn Lu's car seat to forward-facing this weekend.  Yes, she just turned one...but she is the size of a two-year-old, which is the basic age (really weight) suggestion for turning the seat around.  She looked so cramped I don't think it was any safer to keep her rear-facing.  In case you are wondering, we have the Britax Marathon and I love love love it.

Lu's first ride turned around was into Boston, and she giggled for a good 15 minutes.  Apparently, the new view of our heads was hilarious! :)

While in Boston she also took her first selfie. 

More details on our weekend excursions in a bit!  Happy Monday! :)

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