Back to School (at home) Basics

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Can you believe it???  It is back to school season again.

Since I am a teacher-at-heart, I still have a soft spot for the first week of school.  The anticipation, excitement, and time spent planning that 'first day' outfit is special for both students and teachers.

I also tend to think of this time of year as the best time to re-evaluate organization at home.

Lu may not be heading off to school quite yet, but I have found a few things that can do double-duty, catering for the needs of a toddler now and a little scholar later on.

Back to School (at home) Basics

1. Sweater for the playground
2. Easel
3. Coat/Hat Rack
4. Chalk
5. Boys' Snakeskin Backpack
6. Girls' Retro Lunchbox
7. Magnetic Bamboo Organization Board

In my past life (which I haven't really talked about much since this is sparrow at home, not sparrow before home) I was a high school teacher.  I absolutely, truly love my profession and 100% plan to go back once the days of having a youngster at home are over.  That said, I feel incredibly fortunate to be home with Lu and wouldn't trade it for anything... but I digress! :)

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