Rainy Day Re-purpose

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
This is a re-purpose in the most basic form- and I love it!  

We had a rainy day at home yesterday which resulted in a moment of inspiration.  Don't you love those sudden flashes of insight?! 

I have a beautiful leather magazine rack from Crate & Barrel that sits collecting dust in our sunroom/playroom.  It dawned on me (as I was clearing out the old summer catalogs) that it would be the perfect book storage spot.  

A quick wipe down with non-toxic cleaner and ta-da:  Lu's new board-book bin.  It is the perfect height for her to reach right in.  

Don't worry- all of her paper books will remain safely on the bookcase in her bedroom. :) 

Of course, I had a little helper sliding across my pile of old catalogs and magazines.


  1. Awesome Idea! Your blog is great. My fave idea is the paint chip picture. So creative and cheap!!! How do you have the energy for all this with a toddler? Haha Exhausted is my middle name

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! Honestly, doing creative things keeps me energized- and sane on the days when we don't leave the house! :)


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