Friday Favorites- Back in Town Edition

Friday, July 19, 2013
Happy Friday!

I hope you had a good week and are surviving this massive heat wave.  We are finally home from Florida, where believe it or not the weather was more tolerable!  I have just a few things to share today before we get back into our normal life routine next week... 

Favorite Way to Beat the Heat: homemade Popsicles! 

My mom picked up This cute set of Popsicle molds for our beach vaca- and they were a big hit!  

You don't need a real recipe- just blend together smoothie ingredients and freeze.  healthy, delicious, and you control the sugar content for your little one! 

For 4 popsicles I blended together 1 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, and 1 peach (peeled & sliced).  It was a little tangy from the yogurt, so a splash of juice could make it a bit sweeter.  But Lu still loved it! 

The molds are already back in the freezer with a new blend:1 cup strawberry yogurt, 2 slices watermelon, 1/2 banana.  Yum! 

Favorite Garden Harvest: Blackberries! 

My tomatoes started coming in while we were gone, but I am most excited that the blackberries are beginning to ripen!  If you don't want to make a big veg garden, I promise you can easily start with a berry bush.   You can pick up a thornless variety of blackberries (or raspberries if you prefer) at your local garden nursery or Home Depot for less than $20- they are super low maintenance. 

 Today was the first handful of yummy home-grown berries.  Blackberries are Lu's favorite fruit and I couldn't wait to give her some from our garden.

Yes, she ate them on the floor in only a diaper...

...Because this is what it looked like when she was done. 

Favorite Baby Travel Necessity:  Explora Bibs

I use these practically every day already, but for traveling they are an absolute necessity. Just wipe and stash back in the diaper bag.  I only had to bring one bib for the week away- huge packing bonus. 

More travel tips to come (when I finish getting caught up on chores around the house...)!

 Have a great weekend!

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