On the Go... With Baby In Tow!

Monday, July 22, 2013
Happy Monday! 

Our recent trip was the second round-trip plane adventure for little Lu.  In prepping for our first trip months back I found plenty of travel tips for flying with an infant... 

Feed during take-off to help ease pressure in the ears.  It works.  

Schedule the flight around naptime so the baby will want to sleep.  Great tip.  

And while there is certainly no guarantee of a happy baby on a flight, we have had good luck and I really believe that thoughtful packing is key.  Packing your carry-on carefully for baby (and leaving the glossy magazine behind) is essential.  Every item should have a purpose (or multiple if possible) and a place in your carry-on bag. 

Here are 6 things that will hopefully help limit the glares from other passengers when you fly with a baby...

On the Go... With Baby In Tow!
1. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket: It is no secret that these are the best swaddle blankets for newborns, but for older babes it also serves as a great cuddle blanket, nursing cover, and scary-airport-bathroom-changing-table-drop-cloth.  Trust me.

2. Comfy PJ's (preferably 2-piece): I like to dress in comfortable layers when traveling, so do the same with the baby.  Two-piece pj's are convenient for quick diaper changes... and if you are delayed sitting on a hot tarmac and the little one needs to partially undress.  Stash an extra change of clothes in your carry-on that is more appropriate for the weather outside the airport.

3.Lightweight Scarf for Mama: I often get cold while flying, so this is an easy way to layer.  It can quickly be stashed in your carry-on when not in use.  For baby, it can serve as an inconspicuous nursing cover or peek-a-boo game accessory. 

4. Diaper Bag Carry-On: It took me a long time to choose the 'perfect' diaper bag, but I couldn't be happier with this one.  It also happens to be the ideal carry-on.  It has just enough pockets that you can organize toys, tickets, food, wipes and everything else you may need to frantically grab in 0.2 seconds.  

5. Mixed Puree Pouches: No spoon, no bowl, no problem.  Lu loves to suck the delicious balanced food groups straight from the pouch.  Easy and more nutritious than airport food.  I pack several of these in my bag in case I need one later in the day too. 

6. Touchy Feely Book: Pack a new toy (or book) and a familiar toy from home- you never know which one will be the best distraction for a fussing baby.  I often bring this book when we leave the house- it is one of Lu's favorites and the 'touchy' parts keep her busy. 

Here is my sleepy jet-setter all wrapped up in an aden + anais blanket AND my scarf.  

Do you have any carry-on essentials when you travel with a little one?  Happy travels! :)

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