Friday Favorites- Buy & Drink

Friday, June 21, 2013
Happy Friday!

This week's favorites may seem a bit like product pushing- but I promise these are items that I genuinely discovered on my own and have fallen in love with! 

Favorite Recent Purchase:

Now that I am home, I rarely have the opportunity to get a real manicure.  (Besides, she isn't noticing my imperfect nails so why bother?).  I already told you about my fav Essie color Here, but my recent discovery is the Essie mini 4-pack.  Yes, you get 4 colors for the price of one regular-sized bottle!  The colors are complimentary (my fingers and toes actually go together!) and the mini bottles are perfect for me- I never use an entire bottle of polish before it separates or gets all gooey.  I bought the 2013 Wedding Collection colors, but This is another option. 

Favorite Summer Beverage:

I have to admit that I am a long-time summer Corona drinker (I even had a Corona bikini in college... which is now embarrassing).  I just love the fresh lime.  This summer I have strayed and fallen in love with Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy.  It has the perfect citrus touch without being too sweet.  Yum!  

And if that isn't convincing enough... Lu is still nursing, so you know that my limited adult beverages are going to be good! :)

Favorite Baby Moment:

The little one discovered long ago that this playmat was puzzle pieces and loves to pull them apart.  But now that she is finally on the move (doing the trademark Sparrow scoot), she can grab and go! 

I just love the "who, me?" look in her eyes. 

Hope you have a sunny weekend ahead! 

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