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Friday, June 14, 2013
Happy Friday!  We have a busy weekend ahead with a family bday celebration, yard project, and most importantly- Father's Day!  I have a few surprises up my sleeve for my husband's first big day as a Daddy.  :)  

For now, I'd love to share 3 fun things we enjoyed this week before heading into this packed weekend...

Fav #1: Farmer's Market
Last year we joined a CSA which was AMAZING.  But, it didn't make sense for us this year, so I decided instead to make a weekly visit to a farmer's market to keep getting fresh local produce.  On Thursday we braved the rain and headed to the first week of the Westborough Farmer's Market.  The local vendors were selling everything from fish to jalapeño jelly!  I'd just gone to the regular grocery store the day before, but I still grabbed some red lettuce and sampled the apple ice wine (at noon...).  To find a farmer's market near you, check out

Twisting to see the live banjo!

Fav #2: FREE Library Classes for Mommy & Me
If you have a little one at home, check out the online calendar of events for the library in your town and surrounding towns   Chances are you can find a storytime or music class that is free.  Some classes require registration and have limited enrollment, so look early and often!  This week we went to a great sing-a-long for kids of all ages.

Fav #3: Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoop
While I (admittedly) usually leave Lu's bath toys on the bottom of the tub each night, I knew I needed something to hold them when we have guests.  I already have a love for Boon products, and this is no exception!  Adorable and super practical- just scoop up the toys and hang on the wall.  It also comes as a ladybug Here.

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