Friday Favorites- Free Printables for Late Fall

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Friday!  

I'll be honest, the Friday Favorites series has been missing for a few weeks because there haven't been any just-can't-live-without-it items that I wanted to share...

But, yesterday I ended up printing out a few cute free printables that I thought I'd share.

In our playroom there is a wall with two large Ikea frames.  The frame on the left holds a whimsical floral & rabbit illustration (also Ikea) and the frame on the right I fill with something seasonal and festive.  99% of the time it is a free printable I found via Pinterest or a great blog.  There are so many cute things out there, but rather than have a ton of wordy art all over the house I just rotate prints in one frame.  Easy and free.  Does it get better than that??

This month was Halloween subway art.  Source  Love it- and it comes in purple and green! 

Here are my five favorite free printables that will be gracing the playroom frame as we switch from Halloween to Thanksgiving (really, pre-Christmas!!) festivities.

1. I {Leaf} Fall Source

2. Give Thanks Source

3. Make Believe Source

5. Alphabet I {Heart} U Source

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  1. Hi Erin! What size frames do you usually use for printables? Do you find they typically enlarge well?
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Jess! Most printables will specify why size they are formatted for printing (usually 8x10) or have size options for downloading. I use 8x10's which always print clear, but have never tried enlarging more. Let me know if you do!

    2. Good to know! I'm planning on hanging printables in our foyer, so I can mix things up with the seasons. I will let you know if I go larger than 8x10. Thank you!


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