Ottoman just 2 naptimes!

Thursday, February 27, 2014
I am so excited to share my latest naptime project!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I scooped up this ottoman at my local thrift store on Monday.

Hello, 80's chevron beauty.  

There was a matching overstuffed granny chair to go with it... but I apologetically told the sales person that I wasn't taking that as well...

I knew I could easily recover this ottoman, and I could tell by the cushy feel that the insides were in good shape.  No bumps or lumps.  The best part of this find was the price- just $9.99!

Needless to say, while Lu napped on Monday afternoon I immediately went to town skinning this dusty old beauty.  I don't have professional reupholstery tools (nor will I ever, since a couch would be way beyond my comfort zone!) but armed with a screwdriver, scissors, and hammer I managed to get the old fabric, staples, and batting off in under an hour.

Yesterday morning I quickly spray painted the wooden legs with a coat of high-gloss white and while it dried Lu and I took a trip to the fabric store.

I decided on a black & white zebra print that was on clearance for $7 per yard.  I would never put animal print in any other room in our house, but Lu loves zebras and this ottoman will live in the playroom for now.  Plus, at this price, if I hate the zebra stripe in a year I can change it and not feel a bit guilty!

I bought 1.5 yards and during Lu's nap this afternoon stapled some extra batting I had and the fabric to cover the ottoman.  There are a million tutorials out there on how to re-cover an ottoman without I won't bother with the details.  Just think of it like wrapping a present and stapling the underside. Easy easy.

Final product for a playroom ottoman at just over $20... Perfect.  

Of course, Lu loves the "saaawft zeebie" fabric too and went to town sitting and playing on this new seat after she napped.

In case you're curious (which of course, I was!), here are some zebra ottomans I found online.  Not a single one for under $100!

Transitional Zebra Ottoman-$166, Zebra Cocktail Ottoman-$699
Zebra Delrey Ottoman- $349, Abbyson Living Zebra Cube Ottoman- $136

Have you ever seen something at a thrift store and then decided that you needed it?!  Please share!

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