Fighting Cabin Fever with an 18-month-old

Thursday, February 13, 2014
In the last two weeks we have been snowed-in twice.  I know we aren't alone in feeling like winter has overstayed its welcome...

Snow days have a completely different meaning from what they once were as a child-free teacher.  Now, a snow day is a day stuck inside without a chance of running the usual morning errand and me grasping at anything to keep Lu's spirits up.  Sledding is out of the question until the snow stops.   I can't blame her for being sick of her toys by the end of the day.  I am too!  

Here are a few things that have saved us...

Artsy mornings!  

Lu has been big into coloring with crayons, but we just started using watercolor paints (finger paints were not a hit...).  Doing art in place of our usual morning outing keeps the day from getting monotonous. 

These Melissa & Doug Paint with Water books are great.  There is dried paint on the top of each page and you just need a wet brush.  Genius. 

Introducing something new.  

At Lu's 18 month ped visit last week her doctor suggested getting a potty now so that as soon as shows the signs that she is ready, the potty itself will be familiar.

Hello, potty.  

I pulled this out and bought myself a good 20 minutes of Lu investigating something new. 

Lastly, dance party.  

No photos here since I was swinging her around in my arms!  

Her 2 favorite adult songs right now are "Ho, Hey" and "Happy."  She likes the repetition and sings along like a champ!  (Toddler radio doesn't happen on a day like this or I might lose my mind.)  :)

Please share any tricks you have to keep a toddler from getting cabin fever! 

And...Happy Valentine's Day Eve! 

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