It's True: Kitchen renovations take over your life...

Monday, March 31, 2014
It is the last day of March, the second week of spring (not that today's sleet is telling of the new season) and I haven't blogged at all.


Because my life has been consumed by the home renovation project that everyone swears at under their breath... The kitchen.

The heart of the home... and our's has been in shambles (or some form of chaos) for the last three weeks.


Though I (still) can't share a final "after" shot, I am happy to show the cluttered before and give you a hint at few details that are changing. :)

We decided to keep our cabinets and appliances, but everything thing else is changing.

Rusted sink and corian counters- gone.

Cracked ceramic tiles- see ya! 

Brass patina-finish chandelier- your days are numbered, too.

Stay tuned for all the specifics about what we love and what I would do differently!

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