Friday Favorites

Friday, May 24, 2013
Here is the plan: Each Friday I'd like to share with you my favorite things from the week.  

This might be a recipe or a website or even just a simple mantra- whatever put a smile on my face over the last few days.  Sharing smiles sounds like a good way to kick off the weekend, right?  

So here goes- the first Friday Favorites post! 

They are like the childhood classic Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, but less salty and organic.  A win-win! 

I think this content belly says it all. 

Fav #2: Our monthly bundle of Honest Co diapers and wipes arrived yesterday.  Inside was a Mother's Day gift of organic lip balm and a note that read "We think you're the very best."  So simple, yet so sweet.  It just made my (rainy) day! 

Fav #3: UNICEF greeting cards.  The proceeds from one card provides enough Vitamin A supplements to boost 18 children's immune systems for an entire year.  Now spending $3.99 for a card is worth it!  I picked one up at Wegman's, but you can find a store near you HERE

Fav #4: Iris is in full bloom!  I love this perennial because it is so easy to transplant (I've moved it all around our backyard) and makes great cut flowers to bring in the house.  If you don't have any, find a friend who does and ask if you can have some for your own garden. Then give her a bottle of wine as a thank you... It is still cheaper than buying some potted at your local nursery! :)

On that cheerful note, I'd like to wish you a wonderfully festive (and maybe sunny?) Memorial Day weekend!  Enjoy!


  1. My mom has a crap-ton of Irises in her yard that she is getting rid of because she is getting the driveway repaved...I can snag some for you if you want!

    1. I have a ton already! Need to divide them again and give some away- any takers??


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